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The Caffé Poliziano is an antic Liberty Café opened in 1868. Is situated in the old town centre of Montepulciano, town rich of cultural events like art exhibitons, meetings, concerts and theatrical performances, events that culminate in the “Cantiere Internazionale d’Arte”, at Theatre of Bruscello and at “Bravio delle Botti”.

In the territory area the precious Wine Nobile is produced and the local cuisine is made of healthy and simple dishes from tuscany peasant culture. The Caffè Poliziano represent the synthesis of all of these in the one unice fusion of art, culture, traditions and modernity, hospitality and tasty food and wine.

You can’t miss a visit to the Caffé Poliziano, the place that will help you to understand and to appreciate entirely this marvellous citty whose pulsing hart today as hundred years ago remains the “Caffè Grande”.

The Caffé Poliziano is a part of a Historic Places of Italy. It is spacious, elegant and distinguished. The entire generation of Poliziano family and thousand of tourist in the years hed shown from the balcony of the café that has a beautiful view to the Valdichiana. Trough its rooms year afther year a period of two hundred yers a lot of celebrity had passed trough.

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9 ottobre - 2 novembre 2014

in collaborazione con ConfCommercio Toscana 



tre piatti dedicati all'arte contemporanea 


Frittatina [Dalì] 

Frittatina con insalata ed erba cipollina

Omelette with salad and chives

€ 7,80


Sgonfiotto [Mirò] 

Sgonfiotto di Pecorino su paté di melanzane

ricoperto di salsa rossa e basilico

Pecorino cheese flan on paté eggplant

covered with red sauce and basil

€ 5,50


Lasagnetta [Mondrian] 

Lasagnetta composta, al pomodoro, agli spinaci e alla zucca

Lasagnetta composed of tomato, spinach and pumpkin

€ 8,90


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- Mix bruschette

- First course by choice:

  • Local pasta Poliziano style with tomatoes or tuscan ragù
  • Lasagne with tomato, mozzarella cheese and basil
  • Spaghetti with bacon, eggs and parmesan

- Dessert or fresch fruit

- Water or soft drink

€ 17.00


- Mix bruschette

- Second course by choice:

  • Stewed chicken mediteranean style wih potato pudding
  • Tomato with mozzarella cheese
  • Mix salad with lattuce, tomatoes, tuna, olives, cucumbers capers, eggs

- Dessert or fresch fruit

- Water or soft drink

€ 17.00